Central Canada Team

See below for a list of Officers in our Central Canada Region. Please note that the only required Region Officer positions under EWMA are the Region Director, Treasurer, and Ride Coordinator. Region is free to have additional Officers, and we will provide their position, name, and contact information here if requested. **Please note that everyone (other than the Directors) presently listed below are the Officers retiring from GWRRA Central Canada District. The list will be updated as positions are verified/filled.

Region Directors
Darlene Drouin & Robert Cochrane | dir.centralcanada@gmail.com


Senior Assistant District Director
Alain Mainville | mainvillealain0@gmail.com

District Assistants
David Hay | dnjhay@gmail.com
Paul & Sheila Haller |  paulhaller51@gmail.com
Geraldine Haller | g.haller1961@gmail.com

District Treasurer
Suzie Pilon-Mainville | treas.centralcanada@gmail.com

District University Coordinator
Michel Lavoie | 613-290-5574 | lavoiem51@gmail.com

District University Assistant, West
Darlene Drouin | dir.centralcanada@gmail.com

District Educator
Michel Lavoie | 613-290-5574 | lavoiem51@gmail.com

District Assistant Educator
Troy & Peggy Robins | tprobins85@gmail.com

District Medic First Aid Coordinator
Mark Fleury | wingridermark2112@gmail.com

District Ride Coordinator 
Adrian Young | drc.centralcanada@gmail.com

District Membership Enhancement Coordinator
Helen Young | chaptery.leadership@gmail.com

District Secretary
Lyette Babin-Mackay | sec.centralcanada@gmail.com

District Pins & Patches
Michel Beaudoin & Annette Gaul | 289-686-1126 | patchesnew.centralcanada@gmail.com

District Newsletter Editor
Helen Young | chaptery.leadership@gmail.com

District Webmaster
Darlene Drouin & Bob Cochrane | dir.centralcanada@gmail.com

District Trade Show Coordinator
(vacant position)

District Motorist Awareness Coordinator
(vacant position)